Creative Choice Services (CCS) was founded in 2011, to bring quality management and dependability, to property maintenance services, for residents and businesses in Denmark, Albany, and throughout the Great Southern.

CCS is all about ‘choice’, because we believe that excellent service provision is born out of listening to, respecting and responding to client needs.
Phil, 2015

Founder Phil Kinder, soon identified a need for local, specialised Asbestos Removal and Demolition services, which CCS was well placed to meet.

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  • Full WARA Licence (WA Restricted Asbestos) #1315
  • Full Workplace Safety Accordance, WA, for demolition and asbestos
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Public Liability Cover

In the last year CCS has completed many asbestos inspections and removals including 7 large scale and complicated projects, conducted to a high standard of safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

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CCS works hard to take the workload off your hands, and the worry from your shoulders. Everyday residents and businesses can turn to CCS for satisfaction and peace of mind, because of the calibre and commitment of the team.

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Photo of some of the CCS team working on an asbestos strip job

Phil is supported by wife and business partner, Jess, and head tradesman, and supervisor, Richard.

CCS also have a dependable team of contractors that they can call on, allowing them to service projects small or large, and to tackle big jobs in a timely, and efficient manner.

Meet the CCS team - Phil, Jess and Richard

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Phil Kinder, CCS Founder/Director

  • 20 years in property maintenance and development
  • 10 years in health & safety, consultation, planning and implementation
  • Certificate 4 OHS, and certificates in working with heights
  • Specialist training in communication
Advanced Business Abilities

I am the proprietor and founder of CCS, and head up the removalist team on every project. I’m thoroughly involved in the planning, co-ordination and implementation of every project, both onsite and behind the scenes.

I’m responsible for the client liaison, quoting, quality management, standards assurance, inspection & reporting services, and start to finish communications.

My background and expertise is in property development, project management and Health and Safety Consultancy. I was previously an International Project Manager, conducting OH&S audits for the resources industry, in the Middle East, Asia and South East Asia.

Having worked extensively in small business and large corporate sectors, I am keen to bring the best of both service styles and capabilities, to our clients in the Great Southern.

In my opinion, communication is a supremely important part of reaching outcomes successfully, and minimising risk. I have completed a communication skills course, and have also practiced as a life coach.

I really enjoy big picture thinking, listening to people, and working together to find the best solutions to the problem at hand. My experience is pretty varied, from planning, consultation, and ticking boxes, to onsite labouring and implementation.

Experience has taught me the importance of planning and preparation; focusing on the objectives, communicating with stakeholders, clearly, openly and frequently, and the value of hard work performed methodically.

On moving and starting a family in Denmark, in 2011, I started up a gardening and maintenance services business. I soon identified the need for local, specialist services in asbestos removal and demolitions. I started CCS Asbestos services in 2014. It is a great fit for my skills base and disciplined attention to detail. I really enjoy the logistical challenges, managing processes and people.

I would like to see Australia catch up to some European countries (such as Germany) where asbestos has already been dealt with. I would like to see Australia implement laws to prevent people doing ‘temporary fixes’ when dealing with asbestos, such as people cladding over the asbestos. This would prevent more future issues.

With a young family, focus on the longer-term future, and sustainability, takes on a new emphasis. I am keen to lead a clean and happy lifestyle, here in Denmark, with my wife and two kids.

Globally, I hope the future will bring more sustainability and accountability across all growth industries. I would like to see decisions being made, and actions taken for the greater good of people, rather than for greed and money. Especially, I would like to see more mentoring and support for children, as they are the future.

Generally, in the Great Southern I would like to see better infrastructure, and better access to specialist services, but I’m keen that the region continues to be a mecca for good food, good wine and a great lifestyle.

On my days off, I enjoy trail bike riding (enduro), surfing, fishing, and 4WD. Pretty much all things adventure based. I love spending time with family, and exploring Denmark and the Great Southern.

Phil in the office at his desk

Richard smiling at the camera

Richard, CCS Head Tradesman/Supervisor

18 years experience in maintenance, trades, machinery and construction. Certificates in Asbestos Removal, Working in Confined Spaces, and First Aid. Working with Children Check, and Blue Card

I work for CCS, as head tradesman on all projects; Asbestos removal, demolitions, gardening and maintenance. I also take on the responsibility for onsite supervision of certain operations. I always work closely with Phil to ensure that all the CCS quality and safety assurances are met.

I previously worked in computer programming, but I love working physically, and in the outdoors. I believe it is important that work reflects the priorities you hold for your lifestyle, and beliefs.

I enjoy working at CCS because I really appreciate and respect the good management style that Phil upholds. Communication and respect, for clients, and for each other as team members, is an integral part of our company ethos.

As a husband and dad, I care about health and safety in the community, and therefor feel proud of Asbestos removal and containment services we provide.

I would like the hazardous remains of asbestos to be less of a fear for the community. By removing asbestos we remove the anxiety people feel.

In my spare time I like to repair computers, spend time with the family, and I enjoy martial arts.

My future aim is to set up a family home, and relax in the beauty of the Great Southern. My family have travelled across Australia and it’s the most beautiful place we have found.

Jess Kinder, CCS Founding Partner/ Administration

  • 12 years in Customer Service and Administration
  • Diploma in Sales and Project Marketing

My responsibilities include account management, marketing and Chief Lunch Maker.

It is satisfying to work in this industry because, as a Mum, of course, I am very concerned about health and environment. When it comes to asbestos, the more removed, the better!

Phil works every day with potentially hazardous materials, but I feel secure that he is taking all the right precautions. Asbestos is only hazardous if it is not dealt with properly. Phil is meticulous, and I’m glad.

I’m currently a stay at home mum to our two young children, so this keeps me plenty busy. I enjoy natural horsemanship and travelling to destinations for food and history.

I am a big believer in a work/life balance, which includes working hard for your dreams and taking a well-deserved break to spend time with family and friends.

The Great Southern is such an amazing region and there is so much to explore. Wine, beaches, fresh air and freedom! We really enjoy being part of the community here.

Jess sitting at her desk