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1. Full assessment of the property, and liaison with our client to ensure custom safety planning and preparations.

This may include liaison and/or obtaining licensing from the local Shire, scheduling resident evacuation, notifying and issuing safety advice to neighbours, and cordoning off the area.

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2. Indoor areas are isolated from the rest of the building, by sealing all doors and internal vents.

Floors are covered in heavy duty plastic sheeting. External doors and windows are kept open to maximise ventilation.

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3. All removalists will wear full body protective clothing, a top quality respirator mask, and smooth, good grip shoes.

All materials are thoroughly wet down, before and, at intervals, during the removal procedure.

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4. All sheeting is de-nailed, removed and set down with care, cutting is kept to a minimum and all asbestos materials are removed cautiously to avoid hazardous breakage or debris.

Asbestos materials, including off cuts, are diligently packaged into two layers of 0.2mm thick polythene sheets, sealed with adhesive tape, and clearly marked.

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5. Full clean up protocols are followed. CCS use a high efficiency vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

All equipment is either rigorously decontaminated, or double bagged and disposed of, along with other hazardous materials, and disposable dust protection gear.

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6. Packaged materials are securely transported to an authorised and designated asbestos disposal site.

The respirator mask should be the last item to be removed, double bagged and duly disposed of.

This is not a comprehensive list of the safety procedures requisite for the safe removal of domestic asbestos materials. If you are considering a removal job yourself, be sure to get full information and guidance from your local authority OHS department. Be aware that a specialist licence is requisite for the removal of all but small quantities of asbestos cement fragments.

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