Photo from inside a building that has been completely stripped of Asbestos

For the health and safety of you, and your community, let us handle your asbestos removal project.

CCS have a proven track record for customer satisfaction and high safety compliance for the following services:

  • Asbestos roof sheeting
  • Asbestos internal and external wall cladding
  • Asbestos ceilings
  • Asbestos eaves
  • Asbestos fencing
  • Asbestos vinyl floor covering
  • Asbestos moulded products – gutters, downpipes, ridge capping, gas meter covers, cable troughs and covers
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Broken or damaged asbestos materials can pose a significant health risk to homeowners; their families, neighbours, visiting trades people, tenants or employees.

Ensure your chosen removalist guarantees:

  • Specialist licencing, training and qualifications
  • Adherence to worksafe guidelines and protocols
  • All requisite, specialist equipment.

Invest in a safe and thorough asbestos removal

As fully experienced and licenced asbestos removalists, CCS adhere to the following safety protocols and procedures:

  • Householder and community liaison and management of permits and notifications.
  • Property assessment: Planning, scheduling and implementation of containment.
  • Cutting and breakage minimisation procedures, e.g. careful de-nailing, handling and disposal of sheeting.
  • Full debris and dust management; through specific protection, wet down and disposal procedures.
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Photo of a CCS worker in blue protective suit holding up a piece of Asbestos

REMEMBER as a property owner, you hold the responsibility for the safe containment of any potentially hazardous materials, in and around the home, or business residence.

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If you own a home, or a commercial building that was built before 1990, then it is likely that it was built with some asbestos containing products.

If you have not already obtained an asbestos identification and management report, then consider contacting us today.

Homes built after 1990 are unlikely to contain asbestos, however, it is important to be aware that while asbestos cement materials were phased out from 1980s onwards, the outright ban did not come into effect until 2003.

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The health risks associated with asbestos exposure

Australia has issued a complete ban on the import and manufacture of asbestos, because of the health hazards of airborne fibres, invisible to the human eye, which can be released if asbestos containing materials are broken or damaged.

If inhaled, these fibres can cause damage to human lungs. The risk of associated inflammation, scaring and disease depends on the amount of exposure to the airborne fibres.

West Australian guidelines are designed to minimise asbestos fibre exposure to the people living or working in a contaminated property, or its vicinity.

Airborne fibres can remain suspended in the air over time, and can travel substantial distances, potentially putting neighbouring residents at risk.

If you are unsure about whether or not your property contains asbestos, a CCS Inspection Report can put your mind at rest.

Where necessary, we can safely procure a sample of your suspected building material, and organise Asbestos Testing at a specialised laboratory.

Strict licensing regulations attend to the disruption or removal of asbestos materials over a certain quantity.

If you are unsure about the presence of asbestos in your home, and you are considering renovations, part or full strip outs, or demolitions, then it is vital that you contact your local Occupational Health & Safety Officer before you disturb any potentially hazardous materials.

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Contact your local authority to find out about the regulations governing, Albany, Denmark and the Great Southern.

To find out more about when and where asbestos materials are commonly found, go to our Asbestos Inspection Page

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